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Services of Century Chem-Dry

Featured Image Century Chem-Dry is proud to be the best carpet cleaner in the Lakewood area, but our commitment to helping your home become & stay healthy extends beyond just professional carpet cleanings. All of the services we offer are geared towards professionally cleaning every part of your home to give you that refreshed, clean, healthy feeling you've wanted....


11 Insane (But True) Reasons Why You Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Featured Image Do you truly know just how dirty your carpets are? From skin cells to dust mites to dirt, there are so many pollutants that can become trapped within the fibers of your carpets. Here at Century Chem-Dry, we are dedicated to helping our customers maintain a clean and healthy home, and we want our customers to be knowledgeable in what makes carpets dirty. Learn more by reading our blog!...


Pet Urine Removal Treatment

Featured Image This is our first blog. Check back again for regular posts and tips....