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Summer is an exciting, happy time! Warmer weather, (supposedly) more free time, longer days, and much more. The kids are out of school which can lead to a busier, messier home. We often get used to our own clutter. Keeping a tidy home is definitely easier said than done, especially with kids around. But don’t worry here at Century Chem-Dry we have some ways to tidy your home up in no time. 

The Six Tips

  1. Make your bed: Starting the day off right is always very important. A bed won’t take more than a minute to make, but will instantaneously help your room feel cleaner and tidier. When a day starts productively, it seems to continue to be productive throughout the rest of the day. 
  2. Organize your closet: Your closet is another part of your home that you look at every single day. It’s a great thing to have kept clean. If sorting your closet all at once seems overwhelming, take a few minutes to organize 10 or so items of clothing. We all have things we haven’t worn in over a year. Those things can go! By doing this, your closet will be looking better quickly!
  3. Open your mail immediately: Mail can become quite the clutter. We often get it and leave it. Having a specific spot for the mail could be helpful. Opening it as soon as it is received could also work. Counters will stay tidier if advertisements are tossed and excess paper is put into recycle bins. Give it a try!
  4. Organize the pantry: The pantry is something that is used by all members of the family every single day. Each day a different section of the pantry could be organized. A freshly organized pantry will enable you to see what food you have, and what food you might need to restock. 
  5. Create a cleaning chart: If everything is put off until the weekend, chances are not everything will get done. Create a cleaning schedule and dedicate a solid 15-30 minutes to it each day. You can even get the kids in on it! Your kids can all help with vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. The weekends might actually end up being a bit more free with this schedule.
  6. Clean your carpets: Vacuuming helps, but some dirt and grime is hard to get rid of. Let Century Chem-Dry get to work! With their carbonating extraction process, your carpets will be dry within 1-2 hours, and squeaky clean. This is much faster than many other carpet cleaning options. Call today for a great price! Click here to learn more!