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Upholstered furniture includes your home’s couches, chairs, armchairs, and any piece of furniture that makes up the fabric and padding that makes up the soft covering of furniture. This type of furniture needs attention and regular cleaning. Home experts recommend professional upholstery cleaning at least once a year depending on use by children and pets. Here at Century Chem-Dry we offer upholstery cleaning that will maintain your home’s clean look and feel. Here are a few facts that you should know about upholstery cleaning!

  1. You should clean your furniture upon purchase: When furniture leaves the manufacturing plant, many chemicals are used during the outgassing process. In order to remove these chemicals, professional cleaning is needed. Avoid allergies and unfortunate chemical reactions by using Century Chem-Dry’s upholstery cleaning.
  2. Spilled liquids warrant professional cleaning: Liquids, whether it be a drink spill or pet urine, requires professional upholstery cleaning. Without professional help it will be rather difficult to completely remove the stain. With our help, the stains on your furniture will be removed and back to its original form!
  3. Not only stains and spills need to be cleaned: Couches, sofas, and chairs get used nearly every day. Yet, we usually wait to have them professionally cleaned until they are noticeably stained or dirty. Each day air pollutants, skin follicles, and pet hair settle on your furniture. Though barely noticeable, this can have an adverse effect on your health. Luckily, regular vacuuming can rid your furniture of unwanted particles.
  4. The type of care required depends on the type of material: Every type of fabric requires a different cleaning process. You may need to pay special attention to materials such as leather. These materials may require care even after cleaning. Test the materials first and then determine the proper agents to remove stains and spills.

Unlike the other furniture in your home, upholstered furniture cannot be cleaned with a Clorox wipe or simply dusted. It requires a bit more thought and effort. Century Chem-Dry offers high-quality upholstery cleaning that will leave your furniture smelling and looking new!